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   If decorative hardware industry sub-faction idol and strength, so we choose to go that route power to send. Not that we do not focus on image advertising, packaging, but we prefer to put more energy and resources on the product itself. For responsible consumers, we prefer to product quality and innovation.
   Setsun is our brand, we have industry experienced design team, follow practical, durable, environmentally friendly design philosophy, we stand another level, watching every detail of the product. Avoid blindly follow imitate, nor deliberately unconventional, we pay more attention pragmatic. In 2010 we bring new bright spot for the industry, mainly in the product structure of revolutionary reform, new product surface treatment using the most cutting-edge technology, application of new materials, and so on. Unparalleled texture, unprecedented visual enjoyment, consumers will bring new surprises. "Sanenao Hardware" has a crack sales team, team pursuit win manufacturers, distributors, consumers tripartite. We look forward to cooperation with like-minded persons of integrity, create brilliant. I believe will set off a new trend.

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