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2014 Three hardware lock industry trend of market development
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According to the "2013-2017 China metal lock industry analysis and investment outlook report" said that at present, the high-end lock products already on the market mainstream consumer object, in this piece is entirely domestic weakness. The next stage, the domestic enterprises should strengthen brand awareness, focus on improving the production process and improve product quality, to recharge metal locks for the competitiveness of domestic products. Overall, the domestic market is very big metal locks, how to seize the opportunity to meet the challenges of imported products business needs continuous efforts.

Phenomenon of industrial clusters show recent years, with the vigorous development of China's hardware market, they will be taking advantage of the locks on the market, the overall capacity of the lock market has now reached as much as seventy billion, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shanghai and Shandong are locks production manufacturers focused manner. Locks on the characteristics of the market grew out of the edge. Characteristics referred to here, is this pattern of development of industrial clusters, the number of cluster lock and integrated production enterprises with large enterprises, strong cluster lock industry market growth, sales, high proportion of export growth and import speed is also growing, lock industry international high-end market share is increasing.

Currently the country locks up 2.2 billion annual sales of as much as the commercial market demand only fingerprint annually up to 500 million units, such as for corporate finance, military police station, office life. At the same time, the demand for the civilian market is constantly growing. Whether it is the traditional mechanical locks, or modern electronic locks, even including the current rise in access control locks, lock industry as a whole in China irresistible developing.

China locks production and increase consumption, is an obvious fact. Locks domestic industry with annual sales of up to 400 billion yuan, production capacity more than 2 billion units, with exports more than 10 billion yuan. It is reported that China will continue to lock the market more than 20% annual growth rate in the future. In this continuation of the strong, locks the future of the market is unthinkable, variety, species richness lock market, but also demonstrates the need to lock the characteristics of market development. Create high-threshold, high professional, high-end features locks intensive industry, is the only way for the future of China lock industry.

As long as improve product quality standards, market-oriented, and increase efforts to adjust product structure, scientific and technological innovation, developing new materials, new technology research and development, the establishment of a powerful influence on the market characteristics of the brand locks. Locks or have long-lasting future market potential.

A few years ago the high-end market space outlook benefited from the rapid development of domestic and international economic situation and the domestic real estate and other related industries, and promote the rapid development of China's locks. At present, the lock industry has formed covering machinery, electronics, biotechnology in one, thousands of colors across multi-disciplinary, multi-industry comprehensive industrial system. At present, China's lock manufacturing technology and equipment has increased significantly in recent years, has nearly reached the world advanced level, and laid the foundation for the industry to speed up the upgrade of locks involved in an international competition.

With the opening of the lock industry and with the world market, accelerate the process of high-end products will be competitive in the international market Heights, set security, beautiful and practical and decorative products in one of the locks will be the future of the mainstream. Development of electronic smart locks will enter the fast lane, according to market research data show that the share of the domestic market for biometric locks and electronic technology and other high-tech products will reach 40 billion yuan, a total of more than 5000 million units.

Future competition will continue to be the brand, quality and channels. In particular, the future market competition will no longer be competitive domestic enterprises and foreign giants locks into the Chinese market, foreign acquisitions of Chinese enterprises to accelerate action. In our country, such as ASSA ABLOY has acquired two locks companies - Paul Dean and solid power; as Stanley acquired Shanghai Tung Lung, Kaba Group acquired Taishan gorgeous, this is the most direct expression of international brands and domestic enterprises to compete.

Building its own brand of domestic enterprises will drive positive energy to play, independent innovation as the driving force to enhance the quality and high-end product development, will win the market more consumer recognition, high-value market share of the cake.

Brand awareness of the urgent need to strengthen the current lock industry has begun to advanced high-grade ranking from the previous workshops traditional manufacturing enterprises are turning to brand design. Brand-name more and more middle-class consumers welcome the newborn. The narrow domestic development ideas can not be extended so that the whole industry chain, it is difficult to form a systematic sequence of development. Lack of brand awareness makes the domestic industry can not lock the birth of famous enterprises and star product. Most companies only agents of international brands to become a "migrant workers" in the domestic industry in this vast market locks become a "supporting role."

Compared to Western countries, China's industry is still in the low-end hardware lock ranks, industrial chain is very immature. One of the biggest feature is the large number of small and micro enterprises, although this can make a fully competitive market, but still serious homogenization phenomenon has seriously hindered the development of the industry. Designer currently be recognized by consumers and relatively little known. Although a good development trend, but the competition level is still relatively low, quantitative qualitative change when triggered, an industry still lacks real power to promote innovation jumped on such a level.

Customs statistics show that the average annual export growth in the lock industry, the rate of the "Eleventh Five-Year" period reached 31 percent, twice the average growth rate of the entire hardware industry, and growth is considered to be a continuation of the "Twelfth Five-Year" period. From the import side, the increasing volume of imports, indicating the domestic market demand for more and more foreign high-end brands, but also reflects the weak domestic brands, not to enter the domestic high-end market. Therefore we can say, the future of the entire industry, but the vast challenges a lot, whether it can capture the market importance of domestic hardware lock company really aware of the brand's needs in their own territory.

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