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How to recognize Locks
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Because of cost reasons, the use of the domestic market and now accounts for a large proportion of zinc alloy material, in addition to stainless steel, aluminum also accounted for a share. Locks, we found everywhere in daily life, but also the hardware product most people are exposed, from the key to the lock cylinder can be divided into a spoon, computer keys, key cross, crescent spoons, spoons and other word. From the structure can be divided into ball lock, handle lock, security lock, IC lock, password lock, fingerprint lock. From the use of the environment can be divided into locks, bicycle locks, car locks, padlocks, drawer, window locks, lock bag. With the ball lock gradually subsided, set switches, decorative and functional handle triple lock hands become fashionable home decoration locks.

Handle Lock press materials can be divided space aluminum, stainless steel, copper casting, zinc alloy several, space aluminum, stainless steel, advanced through the surface treatment process, shiny, soft touch, despite the sweat, moisture and corrosion has not faded rust. Die-cast copper handle lock relatively thick, high prices. Zinc alloy handle locks due to stylish, affordable, and through good plating, corrosion effectively compensate for lack of sexual weakness and lack of toughness, has gained popularity, our company is now operating handle lock zinc alloy, copper , stainless steel three materials locks.

Mortise Handle Lock

Product structure:

A) Handle: that we unlock the handle, hold the hand shapes lock, but the functionality is the same, when people buy a lock, often hand picked from the executive, to measure whether it is beautiful and is comfortable in your hand;

B) Panel: divided into a large room door locks from the panel or the length and width of the lock. Therefore, when first purchased, the panel is also a very important factor, we mortise lock from the panel can be divided into: 160mm series, 200mm series, 280mm series, 400mm series, usually referred to as S Series 150mm-170mm, 190mm-200mm, said for M series, 220mm-300mm called D series;

C) lock: Lock is a functional part of a lock, is the most critical part of the general lock broken, the likelihood is lock to blame. Lock tongue can be divided into single, double tongue, multi-lock. Single tongue lock to install the most convenient and general trouble master will choose a single tongue, so the most used on the project, but it is the most unreliable, it is easy to give destroyed. Double bolt lock body from the keyhole and handle center distance can be divided into 50 lock, the lock body 57, 58 lock. 72 lock, lock body, such as 85, anti-theft performance double bolt lock body better, more time-consuming installation, lock the larger, generally more expensive price, multi-lock door lock is generally used in its anti-theft performance is well, the price is correspondingly expensive;

D) cylinder (lock): cylinder lock functionality is part of the impact of materials and technology lock to lock is great. Mortise lock cylinder structure generally use marbles, marbles, the more the more security, the front of a marble and the last one is to play the role of positioning marbles, marbles when encoded using the middle, in the middle the more marbles, mutual opening rate lower. Cylinder is best to use copper material, many of which are now available in zinc alloy, aluminum or even plastic production, based on a much lower cost;

E) Accessories: Includes plastic buckle, door pinch, square bars, screws. Plastic buckle mounted inside the door; the door is to press and hold the plastic buckle pinch; the bars are connected device through the inside and outside of the two handle and lock; the screws with a panel screws and self-tapping screws, screw the panel known as the connecting pipe, since tapping is the lock on the door frame fixed.

Cost structure: Material + + lock cylinder surface treatment + + package.

Quality to identify:

A) pressing the handle to see whether the smooth rotation of the lock;

B) Turn the key, to see whether the supple keys to rotate in response to the lock is in place;

C) handle and examine the surface treatment of the panel.

Product identification method is as follows:

D) from the material identification, lock zinc alloy lock is much heavier than aluminum, the same volume, multi-third the weight of aluminum zinc alloy only one point;

E) from the length of the panel to identify, can be divided into S Series, M Series, D Series;

F) from the shape of the panel and the handle of the judgment, the general order of the first panel, and then handle ID number, (eg 215-18: 215 on behalf of a plate number, 18 representatives handle number).

General Problem Solving:

A) Common handle lock quality problems mainly occur in the cylinder with the lock. I produced the cylinder main material is copper, stainless steel lock body mainly, less quality problems, mainly because of the installation of non-standard, in use for some time after the lock, the internal structure of the lock body will deform, causing oblique retractable tongue is not normal, severe oblique tongue can not get out, it needs to be installed in strict accordance with the installation diagram personnel installation.

B) Also, do not dropping oil into the cylinder. If the key to open an account is not flexible, you can built into the keyhole of some pencil shavings; normal use, if any dirt, use a dry cloth (or add a little water) clear, do not scrub with detergent and other chemicals. Otherwise, damage to the exposed pieces of protective film, it will cause fading, the best holding during closing handle, the bolt is screwed into the lock, shut the door, then release, do not use brute force Zhuangmen, otherwise it will reduce lock life.

Lock the quality of the terminology:

Commenting on the quality of the lock often involve technical language degree of confidentiality, firmness, flexibility and durability, etc., is to evaluate the quality of the lock of the most important indicators:

(1) degree of confidentiality: Confidentiality refers to the safety and reliability of the foreign matter and anti-lock accounts after closure. N = number of different key locks Tooth and mutual opening rate is it more important indicator of the different types of locks also provides various safety devices and defensive measures.

(2) firmness: firmness is a measure of the capacity of the lock structure and integrated lock and key indicators of the life of each combination of riveting and missing tensile, compressive, torsional.

(3) flexibility: flexibility is to determine whether the locks easy to use technical indicators, which includes the lock to open, close, key pluggable, cylinder, handle, bolt and other transmission of sensitive sexual activity.

(4) Durability: Durability is specific indicators to measure the life of the lock, which is one of the important indicators of evaluation locks.

(5) Tooth number of different keys: the key to a different number of teeth flower arrangement refers to the number keys to open the actual teeth. The larger its value, the higher the security lock.

(6) mutual opening rate: in the same lock, with a key to open the lock is called a non-mutual opening of the coding. Its number, the higher the degree of confidentiality of the lock.

Terminology lock performance

(1) Anti-dial: within the specified time set aside for non-destructive with foreign objects (relative key terms), the lock can not be opened.

(2) Tamper: After the bolt protruding pressure with prescribed weight shall not exceed the amount of loose and indentation standards permitted.

(3) anti-saw: an ordinary hacksaw saw the bolt, not amputated.

(4) Anti-dumping: after installing locks on the door closed, you can not remove the lock.

(5) Anti-plug: cylinder head machining units have order to prevent the use of thin steel or other foreign objects into the lock cylinder and intermittent, and to separate the upper and lower marbles.

(6) anti-drill: drill (double flapper 6MM diameter drill) drill down marbles interface, you should not drill.

Outside (7) Paul: Press the lock indoors insurance, can not be opened with a key in the outdoors.

Inside (8) foreign insurance: insurance with a key lock in outdoor, indoor knob can not be turned on.

(9) captive bolt: bolt itself with insurance, insurance is depressed, the bolt can not be pushed into the lock box.

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