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Apple Apple Watch intelligent door open "Internet +" era
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      US Eastern Time at 13:00 on March 9th (1:00 GMT Tuesday), Apple held at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco held the first conference in 2015, Apple Watch officially released in the United States, as the entire conference absolute the protagonist, is on the last finale appearance. The first conference, a familiar shadow shot immediately into our eyes: "West Lake, Hangzhou, January 2015" Play is Apple's official photographer in Hangzhou photos. Currently, Apple has opened 21 retail Apple Store in China, and plans will continue to grow.

      With rapid advances in technology in recent years the development of technology is no longer the most difficult to break through the mobile phone manufacturers bottle top in technology and production cost cabbage soaring environment, inexpensive high quality phone by many consumers sought, domestic millet half occupied with this advantage, the future beyond the iPhone momentum. Apple gradually in order to regain lost market, will become the new Apple's new normal year, this year, Apple introduced the heavyweight super weapon --Apple Watch is the biggest opponent to fight back. Apple to launch Apple Watch wait to enter the consumer electronics market, on the one hand to see from Apple feel oppressive and had no sense of crisis, on the other hand, Apple has for the future of the consumer electronics market with a long-term plan.

      In the March 5, 2015 at the opening of the Third Session of the Twelfth National People's Congress, Premier Li Keqiang in his government work report mentioned: development of "Internet +" action plan to promote the mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, networking, etc. combined with modern manufacturing, promoting commerce, industry and healthy development of the Internet and Internet banking guide Internet companies to expand the international market. Apple is one of China's largest mobile phone maker, on China's policy of their analysis and understanding is very deep, "Internet +" proposed plan of action is good news for Apple, because Apple's main advantage is the technical design and product development. "Internet +" proposed plan of action is to promote the traditional industry with the advantages of the Internet to carry out industrial upgrading and restructuring, many traditional companies started slowly with some Internet technology companies try to cooperate, put forward some new ideas and concepts plan for future integration of resources foundation. Apple by integrating its technical strengths and resources to launch Apple Watch, powerful is unprecedented, also the product of radiation up to traditional industries, including Apple Watch has a feature called wireless remote keyless entry, regardless of the hardware lock industry is still in our lives Xanadu would have a negligible impact.

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      So in today's fast pace of life inside, the quality of people's life, the pursuit of increasingly high, intelligence has become synonymous with high standards of quality of life, the experience of driving intelligent people increasingly high demand for the product. In recent years the UAV tall shooting, car keyless ignition system technology has been "bad street" because these smart products can not meet their desire to pursue a deeper life, Apple will launch Apple Watch "Phone - Watch - Wireless networking products, "integration, to provide better intelligence experience, which Apple Watch intelligent wireless remote control door lock hardware lock technology for our industry has promoted. Smart locks the door to the traditional markets have a certain impact, Apple Watch will lead the development of smart locks in front of a contactless smart people did not lock, this knowledge is not deep, smart locks the price is relatively high, Poor wireless technology yet, so difficult in the promotion of the above. Apple Watch the wireless remote control function are the advantages of smart locks to play out its functions with wireless Internet access, like, just a little lightly unmanned unlock icon and no closing function, which is unmatched by traditional locks. With the promotion and popularization of smart locks, Apple Watch them with propaganda, smart locks future market potential is great, with people increasingly rely on intelligent products, but also for the development of intelligent products of great help .

      Apple Watch launch both positive smart locks, smart locks greatly promote the development of enterprises, but also driven by the traditional door to accelerate the upgrading and restructuring of enterprises, continue to deepen the reform of corporate governance, increase product innovation; as smart locks enterprises should firmly grasp this opportunity, efforts to improve their products, using the latest scientific results to improve product competitiveness.

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