• POSITION:Job: Marketing Manager
  • WORK PLACE:FoShan Sanshui
    Position: Marketing Manager
    Location: 138 South Road, Foshan Sanshui
    Job description:
    1, secondary education, computer, or marketing management majors priority; there are website building pre-sales support experience is preferred; 2, cheerful, familiar love the Internet, there are some basic knowledge of the Internet (outstanding graduates are welcome to join); 3, 4 Mandarin fluently, you let the voice on the phone 80% of people feel comfortable; 5, the article's retelling logic and accuracy of 70%; 6, and 40 day target customers information communication; 7 , warm and generous, enterprising.
    Job requirements:
    1. The marketing manager has a wealth of marketing knowledge, marketing efforts have a deep understanding;
    2. Marketing Manager with strong market awareness ability to keen grasp of market dynamics, the ability to market direction;
    3. Marketing Manager with the media have a close working relationship
    4. Market managers have strong communication skills, be able to coordinate the emergence of various conditions;
    5. Marketing Manager with a high degree of enthusiasm, initiative and strong;
    6. Marketing Manager motivated, proactive;
    7. The marketing manager has powers of observation and insight, but also has a strong resilience.
  • If you have confidence and interest in this job,Please send resume to


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